Dag Endal was for 14 years a staff member of FORUT; the Norwegian Campaign for Development and Solidarity. His position was as a technical adviser and project leader in the ADD Programme; Alcohol, Drugs and Development. This programme had a focus on community activities through local partners in Africa and Asia, national alcohol and drug policy development in many countries as well as being partner to international processes on substance use in UN institutions.

In this capacity, Dag Endal followed the international drug policy debate as participants at most CND meetings between 2014 and 2020, including the UNGASS conference in New York in April 2016, where he also addressed the UN General Assembly as selected NGO speaker.

He has been involved in national and local alcohol policy work and prevention programmes in Norway since the early 1970s and was, among others, the founding president of Actis; The Norwegian Policy Network on Alcohol and Drugs.

In earlier years Dag Endal was the founding executive director of Green Living, an environmental NGO for consumers, and the secretary general of the Norwegian Youth Council.

At present, Dag Endal is a community activist on the East side of Oslo and leader of the local sports association. He is also editor of the website (a resource site for drug policy debate based on prevention, treatment and recovery).